Earlier this year I fractured my back and suffered from an acute pain. As I had an excellent past experience, being treated successfully by other wonderful units at the hospital, I referred myself to the Spine Unit. From the first moment I entered the unit I felt at home. All members of staff, doctors, nurses and administrators are highly professional, welcoming, friendly, caring, helpful and warm. read more

To the Wonderful Spine Unit – A Big Thank You

was under a different consultant in a hospital near where i live. He had given me codeine and gebapentin as pain relief which did nothing and then he did an injection which didn’t work and i was awake because he refused to use sedation. Luckily he referred me to Akmal only because he didn’t know how next to proceed and thank goodness he did! read more

Love this man and his team

I had a herniated disc which by 2013 was putting so much pressure on my spinal cord that after a series of steroid injections Mo Akmal decided we had to opt for a discectomy in March 2014. read more

Why I rate Mo Akmal